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Where We are Now...

The Highways department have started to put up posts needed for the Quiet Lanes signage. When we have received the plates they will be fixed on to the posts.

It is interesting to note that the recent changes to the Highway Code now require motorised vehicles to give way to pedestrians, bicycles and horse riders.

7th February 2022


Have your say on 12th April 2021

What is a Quiet Lane?

During development of Laxfield’s Neighbourhood Plan last year many villagers identified road safety as a priority for the village. Laxfield Parish Council is now exploring opportunities to designate certain rural lanes in the village as “Quiet Lanes” as part of a county-wide project. We feel that this would be of real benefit to the village and those who visit.

Quiet Lane sign

A Quiet Lane is a nationally recognised designation of single track road typically with less than 1,000 vehicles using it per day. These roads are used by a variety of people, animals, and transport, but expect respect and consideration to be shown to each others rights of use. These types of lanes do not impose traffic restrictions and are not enforced. Advisory signs (like the one shown right) are placed at either end of a Quiet Lane to show motorised users clearly that the road is a shared space. The lanes being considered are already used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders and link with existing footpaths and bridleways in the village.

What is happening in Suffolk?

This Quiet Lanes initiative has been promoted within Suffolk since 2014 and the County Council has allocated £235K from its Suffolk 2020 Fund to promote the establishment of Quiet Lanes. All Parishes have been invited to submit proposals for designation based on popularity and frequency of use by non-motorised vehicles. These include walkers, cyclists and horse riders; all of which have rights under law to use the public highway. 

Which roads in Laxfield could be Quiet Lanes

map showing the three proposed Quiet Lanes in Laxfield

We are proposing 3 routes in our village (see map right):

  • From Corner Farm (Banyards Green) west towards Swan Green and via Cake Street to White House Corner (at junction with B1117). Approx 2.9km
  • From Corner Farm (Banyards Green) east towards Ubbeston on Low Road. Approx 1.1km. (This Quiet Lane will extend further along Low Road under the control of Ubbeston Parish Council.)
  • From the junction of B1117 west along the Dennington Rd and Mill Rd, north into the village and south towards Owls Green. Approx 2.6km. 

All Quiet Lane routes will be identified by discreet signage using existing sign posts wherever possible. These works are all subject to prior approval and vetting by the Highway Authority and will have regulatory status, but no legally enforceable speed limits other than existing national limits.

Have your say on Laxfield’s Quiet Lane proposals

With the current limited nature of parish council public meetings this web page seeks to inform you as the first stage of a full public consultation process. If you wish to make any comments about these proposals at this initial stage, we would welcome these in writing either by email to the Parish Council Clerk Karen Gregory – click here to email Laxfield Parish Clerk, or by post to:

Laxfield Parish Clerk
Hill Farm Barn
Framlingham Road
IP13 8JL

Open Forum (Zoom) on 12th April 2021

As part of the formal public consultation process there will be an opportunity to discuss these proposals at an Open Forum that will be held remotely via Zoom at 7pm on 12 April 2021. If you would like to participate in the Open Forum please email the Parish Council Clerk requesting a Zoom invitation Click here to email Laxfield Parish Clerk .

If you would like to find out more or to join the Zoom open forum on the 12 April 2021, please use the links below:

For more info click here to go to the Quiet Lanes website

To request a Zoom invitation:  Click here to email Laxfield Parish Clerk