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The Government encourages parish councils to produce their own Neighbourhood Plans, thus enabling local people to have a say in how their neighbourhood grows and develops. In 2018 a Working Group of the Parish Council commenced the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan for Laxfield.

Neighbourhood Plan Latest...

Formal Adoption of Laxfield's Neighbourhood Plan (Thursday 14th April 2022)
...our Neighbourhood Plan is finally adopted!

click here to see the official Decision Statement


Previously on Thursday 24th March 2022...

DECLARATION OF RESULT OF POLL (Thursday 24th March 2022)
..."more than half of those voting have voted in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan"

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Previously on Monday 7th February 2022...

...It was announced that a referendum on the Laxfield Neighbourhood Plan will be held on Thursday 24 March 2022...
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click here to see the Official NOTICE OF REFERENDUM

Previously... Consultation on Neighbourhood Plan

On 7 August 2020 the Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents were submitted to Mid Suffolk District Council. To view the submitted plan documents please click on the links below:

click here to see the Laxfield Submission Neighbourhood Plan

click here to see the Consultation Statement

click here to see the Basic Conditions Statement

The Neighbourhood Plan preparation process includes a number of stages that have to be completed before the Plan is adopted. These are:

Previous Stages

1 – Designation of Neighbourhood Area

The Neighbourhood Plan Area, covering the whole of the parish of Laxfield, was designated by Mid Suffolk District Council in February 2018.

2 – Information Gathering

We have carried out a number of consultation exercises, ranging from discussions with particular groups within the parish, to parish-wide events. A list of all the consultation events can be found by clicking here.

We carried out a Household Survey and a Young Adult Survey in October 2018 and a summary of the results can be viewed by clicking here.

We’ve also prepared a number of background 'Evidence Documents' to support the policies in the Plan. To see these documents click on the following link:

Click here to see 'Evidence Documents'

3 – Pre-Submission Consultation on Draft Plan

We have completed this stage.

4 – Submission of amended Plan to Mid Suffolk District Council

We have completed this stage.

5 – Further Consultation by Mid Suffolk District Council

We have completed this stage.

6 – Independent Examination of Plan

We have completed this stage.

7 – Village Referendum

We have completed this stage.

Current Stage – at 14th April 2022

8 – Making/ADOPTION! of Plan by Mid Suffolk District Council

More information about Neighbourhood Plans can be found from the following resources:

Babergh Mid Suffolk

Locality Neighbourhood Planning Support

Government Planning Guidance

Launch of Laxfield Village Neighbourhood Plan!

Beginning of a six-week Consultation Period - come along anytime on 22nd Feb 2020 during the hours specified...

OR see Alternative Dates and Venues below!


poster with Venues and Dates of Consultation period events 


Pics from NP Event on 22nd February 2020:

 Councillor Guy McGregor & Residents, 22nd Feb 2020Sue Innes, PC & NP Chair, with Residents

 Above left: Suffolk County Councillor Guy McGregor with two Laxfield Residents at the launch of the public consultation, 22nd Feb 2020

 Above right: Sue Innes, PC Chair & NP Chair with Laxfield Residents, 22nd Feb 2020