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Parish Infrastructure Investment Plan (PIIP)

Following the adoption of the neighbourhood plan, Laxfield Parish Council took the key priorities identified and developed a Parish Infrastructure Investment Plan (PIIP).  The purpose of the PIIP is to ensure that infrastructure priorities are set out clearly, gaps identified, actions are agreed and then progress monitored to ensure delivery.

For the purposes of the plan, infrastructure can be broken down into three categories:

  • Physical infrastructure: highways, transport links, cycleways, energy supply, water, flood alleviation, waste management
  • Social infrastructure: education, health, social care, emergency services, art and culture, sports halls and pitches, community halls
  • Green infrastructure: parks, woodlands, play areas, public open spaces

Laxfield Parish Council used these categories as the basis for developing the plan.  Once written and signed off, a number of groups were established to ensure the actions were delivered. Currently these are:

  • Highways group
  • Green spaces group
  • Pavilion development group

These groups meet regularly and, as infrastructure investment decisions affect all members of the community, the parish council makes every effort to engage with as many people as possible in the process.  The groups include residents of Laxfield as well as parish councillors and consultation events are held to consider particular aspects of the plan.  New members wishing to join one of the groups are always welcome.

The PIIP was agreed in June 2021 and a copy of the original plan can be found below. It will be reviewed formally in June 2024.


Highways Group

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Green Spaces Group

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Pavilion Development Group

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